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Tropical Plants

William Shakespeare

"The Earth has music for those who listen."

Final Solo Piece

Inner Correspondence

Inner Correspondence is a solo about how journal writing shapes our personal narrative. Most of us have a little voice in our head that tells us how we see the world, but where did this voice come from? Some studies suggest that this voice is formed most solidly through journal writing.

Performance of a Final Solo Piece

Waving Through a Window

This solo piece was choreographed by Ashley, who performed my choreography for Inner Correspondence. Working in this way, we got to learn each other's styles and personalities. I also learned how valuable it is to me to work as a collective. Both of our pieces were unique to us, but made possible through the other person. It was a great honor to bring Ashley's vision to life in this piece. 

Group Piece

Through the Void to Brilliance

Through the Void to Brilliance is a piece about the struggle all artists experience somewhere in the middle of their creative process that is commonly referred to as "the void". At this point, a creator starts to doubt most (if not all) of their decisions, while also knowing it is too late in the process to make any changes. This piece explores the anxiety of that experience while also showing that the choices that were made are brilliant.

Identity Solo

This identity solo explored movement motifs that represented different aspects of my identity.


This is an example of the partnering choreography I have been creating. The most important part of partnering is that anyone can lift and anyone can be lifted as long as proper shelves and support is being shared between two dancers.

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