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Taylor Tew Nelson

Taylor Tew is a Movement Director based out of Salt Lake City, UT. She enjoys melding her modern dance and choreography experience with the theatrical directorial training she has received at Brigham Young University.  Taylor is passionate about contemporary work including devising, immersive, and documentary theatre; She loves the process of putting a piece together and building something from just a few words or a simple idea. In her production spaces, Taylor fosters authenticity which allows the artists she works with to use both their strengths and their weaknesses to create an honest environment. In this environment, audiences are able to be curious about their own experiences and leave the space encouraged to share their own stories.

Plays I’d love to bring to life:

Us and Them

Exit the King

Devised Piece of Plato’s 5 Dialogues

An immersive piece that follows three individuals who are experiencing three different sides of abuse: the in, the out, and the outside

The Shelf devised piece

ADHD & Spouse documentary theater

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